Breakfast Meeting on Trade Tourism and Investment Opportunities with Indonesia

Breakfast Meeting on Trade Tourism and Investment Opportunities with Indonesia

Breakfast Meeting on Trade Tourism and Investment Opportunities with Indonesia

In Richmond, September 7th, 2017


ITPC Vancouver, Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver, and Richmond Chambers of Commerce (CoC) organize Breakfast Meeting to promote Trade Tourism and Investment (TTI) in Westin Wall Centre Hotel Richmond, September 7, 2017. The Breakfast Meeting intends to strengthen bilateral ties between Indonesia and Canada in particular with Richmond to gain opportunities with Indonesia.

Richmond is an important counterpart for Indonesia as it is one of main economy drivers in BC for over 80 years. In addition, Richmond is BC’s strategic industrial center for trade, distribution, transportation, and other sectors, supported by its 1150 chamber of commerce members.

The event was attended by representative of Consul General of Indonesia in Vancouver, Ministry of International Trade, Counsellor City of Richmond, President of South East Asia Business Council, CEO Vancouver International Airport, President of Richmond CoC and members amounted to over a hundred persons. Vendors (Indofood, VITIC, Betterford Enterpise, Casamia, Omnita Enterprise) and travel agents (Silk Holidays and Bestway Tour & Safaris) are also present to introduce Indonesia’s potential and ready-to-export products and tourism packages.

Mr. Peter Langer of Associated Media Group and Mr. Martin Davies, Vice President Hatfield Consultant deliver presentation on tourism and investment to provide insight to the audience regarding tourism highlights and designated places to offer beauty of Indonesian natures as well as advantage and tips in establishing business in Indonesia.

Head of ITPC Vancouver, Ms. Rafika Arfani, delivers presentation of the 32nd Trade Expo Indonesia which will be held on 11-15 October 2017 in Jakarta. The presentation was commenced with trade performance specifically between Indonesia and BC.  In 2016, Canada’s total imports from Indonesia were recorded USD 1.2 billion, with Indonesia enjoying a trade surplus of USD 122.1 million. BC imports from Indonesia valued USD 259 million. Five top imported products were women trousers (USD 26.3 million), Wiring sets used for vehicles, aircraft or ships (USD 16 million), video recording equipment (USD 10.6 million), sweaters (USD 14.1 million ), and coffee (USD 7.5 million). The said five products amounted to 29% of BC total import value while the remaining 71% consists of various products that should be explored further to meet BC market needs.

To meet Canadian demand and Indonesian supply of export-ready products, ITPC Vancouver invites Richmond business people to attend the largest trade event in Indonesia to enjoy facilities, benefits provided, most importantly, gain opportunities by participating as a buyer in the 32nd

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