Grocery and Specialty Food West Event

Grocery and Specialty Food West Event

The other event in March 2017 is Grocery and Specialty Food West Event. This is the first time ITPC Vancouver cooperated with Trade Attaché from Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa joined this event. This year it is located in Vancouver Convention Center East Building.

The event held by Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) which is supervise about 4000 independent grocery retailers in Canada

The exhibition displayed foods and beverages product such as fresh produce, snacks, confectionery products and other things that related to foods and beverages packaging, labels, food storage and so on.

The participation purpose of ITPC and Trade attaché in this exhibition to promote Indonesian foods and beverages product in Canada retail market.

As we know there are so many foods and beverages product in Indonesia that could have potentially market in Canada.

There are 6 vendors from Indonesia who joined the events such as Jansfood, Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO), Vitic Enterprise, Betterford Company, Nusa Coffee, and Bkaya.

  • Jansfood the importer of foods and beverages located in Los Angeles USA. The products now available in Canada such as nata de coco, biscuits, fruit juice, coconut sugar, and roots chips. You can contact Jansfood to get theirs product.

Contact: Erwin Yudhianto. E: Website:

  • Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO) produced some natural and organic coconut product such as Virgin coconut oil, Coconut Syrup and coconut sugar. Mio product has a product certificate from Kosher and USDA Organics Fair-trade.

Contact: Dippos Aloanro/ Ferika Panjaitan. E: Email address Website:

  • Vitic Enterprise Inc is a distributor of Mayora Indofood and Inaco Food. Several products they have Kopiko coffee candy, Danisa biscuit, Instant noodles, and dry fruits.

Saleh Tjandra Contact email :


  • Betterford company is the importer that representative of several exporter from Indonesia. They have the product such as coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil also herb and spices from Suppa. Contact: : Jenny Judistio. E: Website:
  • Nusa Coffee is a coffee shop own by the west Indonesian importer. The coffee beans itself import direct from Indonesia. They only offer Indonesian coffee beans from Sumatera, Flores, Java, Toraja. Nusa Coffee sell fresh roasting authentic Indonesian coffee that expired not more than 1 week. Nusa Coffee now famous among young people in Vancouver. Contact: Liza Wajong. E: Website:
  • Bkaya Enterprise is one the importer of herb and spice product from Indonesia and red rice tea from Bali. Other various of types Bkaya offer are Moringa Leaf (Daun kelor), Turmeric, Hisbiscus / Rosella Tea, Black pepper, White Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Lemongrass and Cardamom. Contact: Yossie Dale. E:

For more details and information please contact ITPC Vancouver in our website or by email address contact person: Natalia Chandra –Arafat.