Indonesia to Promote Its Best Products in the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show 2018

Indonesia to Promote Its Best Products in the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show 2018

Indonesia to Promote Its Best Products in the Canadian Coffee and Tea Show 2018


ITPC Vancouver and Consulate General of Indonesia in Toronto joined the other 131 exhibitors in The Canadian Coffee and Tea Show 20178, an annual event that aims to bring together big and independent coffee tea retailers, restaurateurs, foodservice operators, chain operators, and food & beverage related product buyers in Canada. The show was held on 23-24 September 2018 at the Toronto Congress Center, Ontario.

As Indonesia is now the 4th largest producer of coffee on Earth – with the geographical advantage of Indonesia, an equatorial jewel – the climate is well suited for the growth and production of premium coffee.

Indonesia’s participation in the said event aims to promote Indonesian coffee export products, introduced the diversity of Indonesian coffee and food packaging products, present ITPC activities such as, liaise Indonesian suppliers, producers, exporters with Canadian industry, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

More than 1500 visitors took parts in the show, mostly coffee and tea producers, exporters and importers. Besides coffee and tea, related products exhibited in the show were namely coffee machines and equipment (i.e roasters, brewers, grinders), smoothie machines, dessert products, filter products and packaging, chinaware, tumblers, various paper cups and etc. Educational programs and seminar for business doers, entrepreneurs, SMEs including start-ups were highlights in the show.

Standing in an area of 400 sqf, Indonesia Pavilion offered variety of premium Indonesian coffee and other excellent products brought by Indonesian companies headquartered in Bali, Bandung, Vancouver and Toronto:

The participant vendors are:


It is start-up café and roastery company localized in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Red Spatula has rapidly growing since the first time it opened in 2017.  The company has expanded their business to Toronto as coffee roaster. Product: Contact: Stevie Kaligis (for operational office in Bali, Indonesia) and Nicko Hambali (for Toronto base office). E: Website: Product: green and roasted coffee bean, variety of coffee base drinks.



This Vancouver base Indonesian Premium Organic coffee company imported its selected premium organic coffee bean from Sumatra-Gayo, Mandailing, Flores, Sulawesi-Toraja, Bali and roast the bean locally in Vancouver, BC to produce the freshest coffee drink. Nusa Coffee directly imports the green beans from Indonesian farmers. Contact: Liza Wajong (Vancouver locally owner). E: Website: Product: locally roasted Indonesian organic premium coffee bean, variety of coffee and tea drinks, Indonesian traditional snacks.



JS Single Group Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of Glopac glass and paper cup with innovative designs and heat resistant. Glopac products have been used by many big food and beverage companies around the world. Manufactured in Indonesia, JS Tunggal has established the company for many years in Toronto. Contact: Jonathan Tunggal. E:



Caldera Coffee offers specialty, gourmet and organic coffee including luwak coffee (coffee produced by civets). Caldera Coffee products offered segmented and premium no-defect beans which gives the utmost perfection for coffee lovers. As the uniquely Luwak Coffee attracts so much attention world-wide, Caldera booth seemed to be the visitor information spot to educate about this particular product. Contact: Rosidhi Hartono and Anisah. E:



This Indonesian local coffee company with the base-office located in Bandung, Jakarta and Bali has established its confidence in presenting the premium green coffee for fulfilling the local Canadian roaster demands. Contact: Vincent. Website:


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