Indonesia to Showcase Its Unique and Sustainable Products At the Toronto Gift Fair 2019

Indonesia to Showcase Its Unique and Sustainable Products At the Toronto Gift Fair 2019

ITPC Vancouver in collaboration with Cantiq Living and Casamia Home joined more than 2,500 exhibitors in Toronto Gift Fair 2019, the largest trade fair in Canada where consumer trends begin. The show has attracted international buyers for more than 25 years who come to network, see new trends, conduct business, celebrate innovation and engage in new business opportunities with the Canadian manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers. The show was held on 27-31 January 2019 at the International Center and Toronto Congress Center, Ontario.

Indonesia’s handicraft and furniture products are blessed with domestic availability of natural resources. In 2018 Indonesia was one of the top ten countries that exported not only wooden furniture for other use valued over USD 12 million but also for products such as basketwork, wickerwork and the like valued over USD 84,000 into Canada.

Indonesia’s presence in this trade event aims to not only promote and introduce Indonesian handicraft, home decor and furniture products, but also to expand the markets for those products in Canada. In addition to that, the event was a great way to engage directly with Canadian importers as well as potential buyers on the roles of ITPC in Canada such as liaise Indonesian suppliers, producers, exporters with Canadian industries, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

Over 25,000 visitors/buyers from across Canada attended the show, mostly professionals, distributors and retailers. Related products exhibited in the show besides handicrafts and furniture were tabletops, house wares, gourmet foods, garden accessories, ceramics plates and tableware, stationeries, bath, bed and linen products and many more.

Indonesia pavilion stood on a total area of 400 square feet, offered a variety of Indonesian handicraft and furniture products brought by Indonesian diaspora headquartered in Vancouver BC.


More details about the vendors:


Based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Casamia is a furniture and home decor wholesale company. The company specializes in reclaimed teak root and petrified wood from Indonesia.

Contact: Wisman Halim or Livia Chriestianto




This Vancouver based company showcases beautiful and high quality handcrafted goods made by women in Indonesia. Their products are made of natural material and some are derived from recycled plastic, bags, bottles or toys. Their products are carefully curated from local village’s cooperative that empowers women. In addition, Cantiq living’s products are not mass produced in a large factory, but created from home where women weave the products while taking care of their family at the same time.

Contact: Hartati Suganda (Vancouver locally owner).

Email: Website:

Products: woven totes, woven baskets and home accessories


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