Indonesian Specialty Coffee: From Farm to Cup

Indonesian Specialty Coffee: From Farm to Cup

ITPC Vancouver, Consulate General of Republic Indonesia in Vancouver, Canada-Indonesia Trade Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) organized Indonesian Specialty Coffee: From Farm to Cup Tuesday April 24, 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The event was attended by eighty coffee related business including roasters, café owners, coffee lovers, media, and influencers. It also brought together Indonesian specialty coffee suppliers and Canadian potential buyers. Ms. Tuti Irman, Consul General of Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver delivered the opening remarks and officially open the event.

Indonesian Specialty Coffee and other matter related to it was the central topic of the event. To start with was a talk show involving key players in coffee industries led by Matt Johnson (Prototype Coffee) and panel speakers Said Baabud (TPSA Project), Hiro Tsujimoto (Republica Coffee), Mike Li (Los Beans), Diana Kosmanto (Orang Utan Coffee), Mahyana Sari (KSU Arinagata), Daroe Handojo (Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia), and Normand Roy (TFO Canada).

The highlight of this event was cupping and tasting of Indonesian specialty coffee. Representative of five specialty coffee cooperatives from Aceh Gayo and PT. Sulotco from Toraja Highland were present to allow participants to taste, grade, and discuss Indonesian specialty coffee namely Meukat Gayo Cocktail, Kokowagayo, KSU Arinagata, Orang Utan Coffee, Gayo Coffee Protection, and Toraja coffee.

This initiative is expected to be the first step to promoting Indonesia’s specialty coffee in the Canadian market considering a high consumption of coffee by the Canadians in which 71% of Canadians aged 18-79 years consume coffee in daily basis.

At the event, PT Kopiku Indonesia and Orchard Arafura Café Management & Trading or Nusa Coffee Company signed an agreement of strategic partnerships including cooperation on coffee supply and capacity building.


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