Indonesian Top Products in Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018

Indonesian Top Products in Grocery & Specialty Food West 2018

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Vancouver participated in Grocery & Specialty Food West (GSFW) on 23-24 April 2018 at Vancouver Conference Center, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. GSFW is known as Canada’s premier western grocery trade show that allows producers, distributors, retailers, and trader in the business to meet and expand their business. The show promotes grocery industry products including food, beverage, innovation, food processing and packaging, technology, wellness, artisanal and more.

Indonesia’ participation’s aims to promote Indonesia’s top products in the Canadian market namely those that already accessed international markets namely Danisa biscuits, Kopiko instant coffee, and coffee candy (Mayora Indah); Indomie instant noodles, seasonings, and sweet soy sauce (Indofood); cassava chips, snacks, and tropical fruit juice (Jan’s food), herbal teas and drinks (Mustika Ratu); organic Balinese red rice (Avitar); and cashews, spices, coconut sugar (Betterford and VITIC companies).

GSFW is one way to access and be involved in Canada’s grocery industry which is worth $120 billion. This year’s GSFW was attended by more than 5000 visitors and 300 participants in which some were leading key players such as international brand manufacturers, suppliers and logistics, and equipment and equipment in the wholesale industry. Conferences, workshops, social event, and educational sessions involving experts to discuss current trends and issues regarding the wholesale industry were integrated in the show, including awards for business doers in grocery industry.

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