Summary of ITPC Participation in Canadian Furniture Show 2017-Toronto

Summary of ITPC Participation in Canadian Furniture Show 2017-Toronto

ITPC worked together with Indonesian Consulate in Toronto recruiting three vendors in sharing a 1200 sq booth to participate in Canadian Furniture Show 2017 on May 26 to 28 in International Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

The three participant vendors are:


It is an over 20 year -established Indonesian furniture company localized in Mississauga, ON. Komme Int’l has a strong clientele in Canada and USA. Product: Contact: Kom Lee and Veronica Kam. E: Website: Product: décor lamps, furniture, terra cotta/ drift wood/ bamboo wall and home décor, handblown glass and ceramic vases.


This Vancouver base furniture company imported its bleached teak roots table and chairs from Bali, not limited to other home décor made of bamboo and reclaimed woods. Casamia’s urban and modern ethnic designs attracted so much attention from the visitors in the event. Contact: Wisman Halim and Livia Chriestianto. E: Website:


La Difference is specialized in unique wicker basket, rattan and bamboo furniture. Imported from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, this Montreal base company has been run since 1959. Contact: Robert Mocella. E: Website:

The Purpose of the exhibition

We try to aim bigger market in Eastern Canada promoting Indonesian furniture.

There are so many visitors in this show that are interested in Indonesian products and they are repeat-customers from many different established furniture chain companies where headquartered in the East part of Canada, not to limit also from USA regions.

For more details and information please contact ITPC Vancouver in our website: or by email at


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